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Refugee Crisis as Disaster


THE HUMANITARIAN  TREATMENT OF REFUGEES // Roger Hearn, Regional Director, Save the Children

FROM THE FIELD // Susanne Ibsen Marstrand, Disaster Management, UCPH

THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF ASYLUM-SEEKERS // Roberta Mungianu, Assistant Professor in Law, UCPH

THE REFUGEE CRISIS AS DISASTER // Ole Wæver, Professor in Political Science, UCPH

DISCUSSION Q & A // moderated by Kristian Lauta, Assistant Professor in Law, UCPH

Perspectives include the treatment of refugees and insights from Lesvos, as well as legislative aspects of asylum-seeking and hosting refugees. Moreover, we will discuss whether or not the refugee situation today can be termed a disaster.

Guest speakers include Regional Director from Save the Children Roger Hearn, Professor Ole Wæver from University of Copenhagen's Political Science Department, MDMa graduate Susanne Marstrand, and Assistant Professor at Law Roberta Mungianu.

Following brief talks from our speakers, Changing Disasters' own Kristian Lauta will be moderating a in-depth discussion session, with questions from the floor.  

The event is free and open to all.