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Artificial Climates

As part of its on-going program series “Strange Ecologies” X AND BEYOND is excited to present a talk by Professor Eva Horn from the University of Vienna. With a background in Cultural Science and Comparative Literature, Horn has published several acclaimed books, including The Future as Disaster. Fiction and Prevention (2014, Fischer Verlage), which engages with the contemporary imaginary on the end of the world as we know it and the biopolitics it involves as well as the preventive potential it represents.

Horn’s talk this afternoon will take on the notion of “artificial climates” in the context of climate changes in the Anthropocene, where mass air conditioning is regulating our interior environments, creating the illusion that we live in a world unaffected by cold and heat.

Time: 31 May 2016 17:00-18:30

Place: X AND BEYOND, Griffenfeldsgade 27, 2200 København N

Everyone is welcome, registration not necessary.                       

X AND BEYOND is affiliated with the research project Changing Disasters

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